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Water Leak Detection Company

Water leaks can cause serious damage if left, not to mention the high water bills if you are on a metred water supply pipe, The Lead Water Pipe Replacemnt Company have state of the art water leak detection equipment which enables us to detect the slighest leaks on water mains and incoming supply pipes.

Using state of the art water leak detection equipment we can pin point a leaking water pipe within 150mm. This very effective detection equipment enables are fully trained engineers to locate the water leak and repair the leaking pipework in double quick time.


If you are experiancing high water bills and think you may have a leaking water main, Lead pipe or a burst water supply pipe help is at hand.

The Lead Water Replacement Company is available for all water leak detection services and burst water pipes in Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside and Cumbria, Blackpool, Preston, Blackurn, Southport, Liverpool and all surrounding locations.

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Water leak detection services by The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company, serving Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Burst, Leaking Water Pipes

Burst Water Pipes, Lead pipe replacement service, Leave the Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company to solve your problem plumbing in Lancashire, Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria and Merseyside.
If you supect a water leak and no one else can find it - Contact The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company, Specialists in leak detection and water pipe repairs throughout Lancashire.
The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company will trace and locate the leaking Lead pipe and repair - 24 Hour 7 Day Service - Domestic and Commercial Water Mains repair and installation services.

How We Find Water Leaks

The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company - JCS Plumbing have been tracing leaking water pipes for many years and we do see our company as one of the leading Trace, Locate and Water Leak repair experts for Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Manchester and Merseyside.


Many clients ask how we trace and locate leaking water pipes - The answer is simple! Over the years The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company has invested in the latest leak detection equipment ranging from traditional Listening sticks to more complex Hi Tec equipment such as acoustic and electro - acoustic microphones, Tracer gas, Thermal imaging cameras and enoscope CCTV equipment.

If you suspect a leaking pipe in your Domestic, Commercial or Industrial property JCS Plumbing - The Lead Water Pipe Replacement Company will find the leak and repair it guaranteed.

We are experts in Water Leak Detection and water pipe repairs including stop taps and lead pipes.


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